Dear colleagues,

Our site integrates and invites for cooperation those who are interested into the Linguistics of Discourse (Discourse Linguistics), that is the linguistics of macrotext, the one, which studies content and social context as a holistic endeavor just as the one that involves both theoretical and applied angles of the studies.

The name of the field committee inscribes a deep respect to the linguists who are actively involved in developing both theory and practice of discourse analyses as an academic and research field. At the same time we accept that in its depth the field is both inter- and transdisciplinary. A much more accepted term of it is Discourse Studies. There are many who wrote about the field’s interdisciplinary origin but just a few who discussed its intra-linguistic source of development. And it is because of this reason or rather focus of attention that we are not in a hurry to give up the name chosen, while simultaneously accepting a broader term of Discourse Studies.

We see our mission in promoting the given direction of contemporary science, which works for actualizing the process of cognizing forming scientific models of new generations. We are opening this site for those who are interested in this direction of science and education and the way it is being developed in the World of Slavs and the World at large.